Environmental sustainability

The green in our company name is not just a hollow promise. It is fundamental to our corporate values to be responsible towards the environment. In all facets of the company we practise Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
We offer CO2-neutral hosting by compensating all unavoidable emissions.
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Reduce: Mac mini as a very power efficient server

The Mac mini is one of the most energy-efficient computers on earth. Apple has gone a far way in making this little yet powerful server use not much more than a light bulb. With the new M1 processor architecture, they managed to decrease this even more to only 6.8W idle and 39W max power consumption.
Besides power usage, during the whole production process a lot of effort is made towards using recycled and safe materials.

Read more about this in the Product Environmental Report of the Mac mini.

Reduce: Data Center efficiency, low PUE

Over the past decades a lot of progress has been made in making data centers more energy efficient. We only use modern data centers that apply techniques to reduce energy overhead as much as possible. Amongst others those are cold corridor and free-to-air cooling.

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is a ratio that describes how efficiently a data center uses energy. Our data centers achieve an average PUE of less than 1.2, which is considered Very Efficient.
Cold Corridor cooling alley

Recyle: e-waste management

At the end of the lifetime of our IT equipment it is very important to responsibly recycle the components. Our partner IT-Recycling takes care of this. They dispose or reuse hardware in a responsible way. IT-Recycling is WEEELABEX and ISO14001 certified.

Furthermore, we recycle all our office waste in the respective recycle stations for plastics, paper and other types or recyclable waste.

Transportation and Commute

All our company cars are electric and are charged with renewable energy. Unavoidable emissions for company travel (eg. flights) are compensated.

CO2-neutral: compensating unavoidable emissions

Reducing emissions is a very important first step, but unfortunately it is hard to avoid all emissions. To compensate our company’s and customer’s CO2 emissions, we partnered with ClimatePartner to offset all of our carbon emissions, from employee travel through (upstream) energy usage of servers and airconditioning. This is done through verifiable and audited projects worldwide.
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